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17' Thunder Rapids Dual Lane
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Orange County

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Standard price includes delivery, Setup, and pick-up. We do not charge any additional fees. All units are properly anchored, and we sanitize them again during setup. *Free delivery up to 10 miles


Introducing the newest addition to our wet and dry slide collection— 17' Thunder Rapids Dual Lane Slide. This vibrant slide makes for the perfect addition to anyone's event. Everyone will enjoy this red, gray, and blue wave themed wet or slide all year round. The climbing area, top landing platform, and certain pool areas feature a unique non-slip material for a safer experience when being used as a water slide. The 17 Thunder Rapids Dual Lane Slide has a full pool with a raised wall for safety and to prevent water from splashing out. We can swap out the pool for a landing mattress for any states that won't allow pool attachments. Drain flaps at the bottom corners allow for easy removal of any water that may get trapped inside the inflatable. The 17' Thunder Rapids Dual Lane Slide can be used as a dry slide simply by detaching the removable pool, securing the hook and loop fasteners, and exposing the hidden stopper at the end. The 17' Thunder Rapids Dual Dry Slide features a unique stopper that will assist riders to come to a safe stop.

*Some information on this page could be missing or incorrect. Review manufacturer safety label before use. Never exceed the manufacturers maximum load for each individual ride. ADULT SUPERVISION REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES.


Delivery and pickup times are scheduled based on your event. Select a delivery time at least 1 hour before your event start time. Next morning pickup is for late events, and available with an additional fee. Next morning pickups are generally done between 8am and 12pm.

It is the customers responsibility to measure the setup location to make sure rented product will fit.

Cancellations must be done within 72 hours before the rental date or else a cancellation fee up to the entire rental amount may apply. Exceptions are made for cancellations on Rainy or Inclement weather days. Maximum 10 Stairs allowed to the setup location, a setup fee will apply.

**There is a cleaning and handling fee for setup on sand.

Payment Methods: Credit Card (3.9% Surcharge), Zelle, Cash.

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