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Cotton Candy Machine with Stand

Product Info

120 Servings Per Hour

Price includes delivery, Setup, and pick-up. We do not charge any additional fees.

All units are properly anchored, and we sanitize them again during setup.

Thanks to the bowl's stainless steel construction and large 21" diameter, this unit withstands the rigors of high demand. Its high performing spinning head holds 4 oz. of floss sugar and then releases the cotton candy vertically to prevent clogging, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. This machine is conveniently mobile with the included cart! Featuring a bright pink color and an attractive, vintage-inspired design, the cart makes it easy to transport this machine to events and capture customers' attention for increased impulse sales. The cart is complete with side shelves for prepping and merchandising, two 13" aluminum spoked wheels, and locking clips to help hold down the bowl during use to minimize vibration, making operation smooth and quiet.

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